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Rebuild Your ThinApps with ReLink

In this post we will be a addressing the issue of receiving the error message ‘your runtime license has expired’ as shown below.

This message occurs when the license used to create the ThinApp has expired most commonly found with trial licensing. I had this very problem after creating a number of ThinApps for a proof of concept when they unexpectedly returned the above message. Thankfully VMware have included the ReLink application to deal with such issues allowing you to rebuild your ThinApps under a valid license.

To relink your ThinApps with a working license key, follow the simple steps below:

Step1. Copy all of the application files for your ThinApp to a computer that has a a valid ThinApp license running the ThinApp application.

Step 2. Open a Command Prompt windows by typing ‘cmd’ into the Run  box and navigate to the ThinApp application folder:

cd C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\VMware ThinApp

Following this, type ‘relink.exe followed by the path and full name of your ThinApp.

Example: relink.exe “C:\Users\User\Desktop\PINs 4\PINs 4.exe”

Step 3. Press enter to execute the command and wait for the ThinApp to be built. If you have a separate .dat file as part of your ThinApp, also run the same command for this. If you have an MSI package, this will not need rebuilding with relink.

A successful output should look as follows:

Step 4. Within your ThinApp folder, delete and files with the extension .bak as these are the original builds of the application and are no longer required.

Thanks for reading and look out for my other ThinApp posts.