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How To Record Storage IOPS

In this post we will run through how to record or capture the amount of IOPS being generated by one of your systems. The method we will be using is the Windows Performance Monitor (perfmon). I used this method for recording the IOPS from desktops computers at my workplace when sizing for a VDI project, so lets get started.

Step 1. Click right on Computer and select Management. Under Performance > Data Collector Sets > User Defined. Click right on the User Defined folder and select New Data Collector Set.

Step 2. Set a name for your performance counter and select Create Manual Advanced and click next.

Step 3. Click Create Data Log and check Performance Counter then click next.

Step 4. Set the time interval to 10 seconds and click Add.

Step 5. Locate Local Disk from the left hand menu and add the options (Disk Reads/sec, Disk Writes/sec, Disk Transfers/sec) and click OK.

Step 6. Double click on the item made under the User Defined folder and right click on the Data Collector and select Properties.

Step 7. Under log format, select Comma Separated and click OK.

Step 8. Select the performance counter and click the play button to start collecting data.

Step 9. Once you have collected  your data for a period of time, navigate to the following location C:\PerfLogs\Admin\yourcountername. Now load the Excel document to display your collected IOPS. Within the excel document you can calculate figures such as the average IOPS, maximum IOPS, as well as putting together a graph that illustrates the activity of the IOPS by specifying the Read and Write columns.

Thanks for reading and lookout for my other articles on storage and IOPS calculations.