How To ThinApp Microsoft Office 2010

This video guide will demonstrate how to ThinApp Microsoft Office 2010 by following the steps detailed within a guide posted by

What I’m Using:

– VMware Workstation 8

– Base Windows XP Pro VM

– Base Windows 7 Pro VM

– VMware ThinApp v4.7

– Microsoft Office 2010 Standard with MAK key

Key Points To Follow:

– You must create the ThinApp on a Windows XP machine

– You must disconnect your network connection to the Internet before you install Microsoft Office

If you follow this guide exactly you will succeed in creating a working ThinApp of Microsoft Office 2010 that can be activated.


  1. charpe says:

    Sorry for my bad english, I speak french.
    Very clear,I have rarely seen a tutorial like this.
    Problem: I have just a serial but not a MAK key. Something to do or no issue?

    • administrator says:

      Hi Charpe

      Thanks for your comment. If you have a general retail key for Office 2010, this won’t stop you from creating the ThinApp but I imagine you would have problems activating this more than once. MAK keys are the most suitable option as they allow the application to be reactivated if the ThinApp user data files are deleted or moved to a different PC.

      Hope this helps, and thanks for reading.

  2. Misinformed says:

    Only thing that has seemed to work for Office 2010. Nice job. Cheers!

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